Yoga with Jaime
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Public Classes

I teach several classes a week at Core Collective

With two studios in Kensington [HSK] and Knightsbridge [KB], there are plenty of opportunities to practice publicly with me.

  • Sundays:

    • 11:15am: Power Yoga 75 [KB]

    • 12:45am: Power Yoga 55

  • Mondays:

    • 10:30am: Power Yoga . 75 [HSK]

    • 7:00pm: Power Yoga 55 [KB]

    • 8:00pm: Stretc/ch [KB]

  • Tuesdays:

    • 10:30am: Power Yoga 75 [KB]

    • 6:30pm: Power Yoga 55 [HSK]

    • 7:30pm: Power Yoga 55 [HSK]

  • Wednesdays:

    • 6:45am: Power Yoga 55 [KB]

    • 8am: Power Yoga 55 [KB]

    • 12:30pm: Power Yoga 55 [HSK]

    • 4pm: Power Yoga 75 [HSK]

  • Thursdays:

    • 10:30am: 75 min Advanced Power Yoga [KB]


I also cover plenty of classes and teach several events. Follow me on Instagram to keep up-to-date with everything x


Private Classes

Private classes are extremely rewarding. Whether you're brand new to yoga, and maybe a bit intimidated to go to class with strangers, or an experienced practitioner looking to see some definite progress with some of the harder asanas, I am happy to tailor individual classes to suit your needs. With specific sequencing based on your goals and hands-on adjusting, you will see and feel positive results.

I teach privately in Kensington and Chelsea and have recently expanded to Brixton, and Clapham.

Email me for rates and availability.